Let’s do this!


We recently decided to move our blog to WordPress. We hope that you enjoy our past and future posts and please drop us a line to say hi!

Let's do this
Let’s do this

About us:

incubius: The Power of Collective Minds

incubius is a Think Tank aiming to solve and discuss an array of topics in the World around us. We aim to collectively engage in proposing new solutions and ways of thinking. We are designers, service designers, architects, travellers- DO-ers. We are critical observers of the world around us. We are international.

Ideas and individuals are not enough. It’s the power of the collective minds with the will to change and challenge the status quo what make things happen. Design needs designers but it also needs to expand its horizons to integrate creative people from different domains with a critical eye and passion to makes things better. This richness helps expand the thought process to well beyond that of finesse and functionality. Curious minds welcome!

What we believe in:

Design is about emotion and habits. We live our daily lives based a set of steps and processes that allow us to feel familiar with a journey-> a voyage-> an experience- that lead to a destination or an activity. When that chain or process is broken, we react negatively. When we experience something breathtaking, we react positively. Instead of focusing on isolated applications of design, such as product design, architecture, painting, etc- Design thinking is about analyzing the different layers, scales and impacts of what we do with the goal of creating a holistic and human centered, more complete experience, rather that an just an instant emotion.



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