Service Design Jam 2013- From idea to product in 48 hours

We came into the weekend with no idea of what we were getting ourselves into and we had no way to prepare (or so we thought)


It all started with a couple of email invitations. Once there, we were introduced to dozens of individuals with some of the most varied background imaginable: Architects, Marketers, students, philosophers, entrepreneurs, teachers, environmental activists, only to name a few.

We were put together into groups, only to be broken up again as several activities forced us to move, interact with other people and move out of our confort zone. These activities were fun and dynamic and filled with surprises. Finally the time came, two hours later- when the theme of the event was announced.

Team Bonding and the power of choice

Not enough credit can be given to Belina ( @BelinaRaffy ) for motivating everyone and calling for quick games and exercises at the right moments, when tensions were high and minds were everywhere. This was a reminder that the creative mind cannot stand still and must change environments to come up with fresher and stronger ideas.

Bonding activies
Teams were often ‘interrupted’ to bond with different activities that would stop what they were currently doing to shake up their ideas and share experiences together.

Bonding activies

The most interesting part of the process was that once the theme was announced and that we picked our subjects and teams, something funny happened-  we were given a choice- we could change teams to our liking. This freedom had exponential results. A team member and myself changed teams at the beginning until we found a group and subject we were passionate about and never looked back.

The ups and downs

As a free and voluntary event, team members were dropping like geese. Despite the amazing levels of energy and chemistry, people would disappear. This happens in life too, so we adjusted.

The process

from Macro to Micro. We started out huge, we wanted to revolutionize the educational system, but we had presentations every couple of hours and had to cut the fat as quick as possible, within a day, we had our first prototype with constant feedback and mentoring. We were given some very simple yet awesome tools such as legos, play-doh and cardboard and given fulll creative freedom. We were able to narrow down on our idea as time passed and had only a few hours to prepare our final presentation with visuals, a business plan and desktop walkthrough .

When I said that we were not prepared, it turned out to be a lie. Everyone came prepared because they left their egos out the door and their experience and strenghts were exposed to a full potential. It was a thrilling experience and what the teams produced was astonishing. It was a great example of how collaboration (particularly from different backgrounds) can produce magical things and can become a launching pad for future services and designs.

A special thanks to the organizers and mentors:

@neilclavin@bmeunier@an_star5 @jgiacomelli

incubius is a service, design and branding collaborative based in Montreal, Canada.

About us:

incubius: The Power of Collective Minds

incubius is a Think Tank aiming to solve and discuss an array of topics in the World around us. We aim to collectively engage in proposing new solutions and ways of thinking. We are designers, service designers, architects, travellers- DO-ers. We are critical observers of the world around us. We are international.

Ideas and individuals are not enough. It’s the power of the collective minds with the will to change and challenge the status quo what make things happen. Design needs designers but it also needs to expand its horizons to integrate creative people from different domains with a critical eye and passion to makes things better. This richness helps expand the thought process to well beyond that of finesse and functionality. Curious minds welcome!



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