Verified accounts in social media- how to reward the common mortal

APRIL 16, 2013

Verified accounts are a symbol of prestige, acknowledgement and want. On the surface, its an easy way to spot and follow celebrities, high impact influencers and the elite.

Such a simple gesture creates desire for the common mortal, aka the 99% of the rest of users to become part of this exclusive club. Twitter was one of the first to introduce them, they hand pick these people and have slowly allowed some privileged users (that are not celebrities) the opportunity to to get theirs. It also creates the hope that i one day you become relevant enough, you might get yours too. Probable, not very. Likely, not quite but you will keep on trying.

The validation of a Verified Account. What about the common mortal

Now other social media networks, such as Pinterest, Facebook, Vine and others have applied their own versions of it, having their own criteria but it amounts to pretty much the same thing.


 One really cool idea that stands out is the one Taio Cruz’s startup has come up with. They are rewarding early adapters with their own badge to set them apart from the future herds of adapters of the service.

This is what Kewe’s badge looks like:


While it’s not the same status as say, a Celebrity or an Athlete, this a more than just a sign of being “cool”. It shows that the company wants to rewards it’s early adopters and giving them the level of importance they deserve.

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