PT. 2- Retail: how Adidas’s online store is a prime example of how we are changing the way we shop (for shoes)


Retail: how Adidas’s online store is a prime example of how we are changing the way we shop (for shoes) PT.2

This is the second part of a 2 part essay on efficient shipping, flexible return policies and an exceptional customer experience has led me to reconsider the traditional retail model. You can read part 1 here: Part 1

Second interaction:
From my first experience, Adidas’s website saved some of my favorite styles and models. I had even wandered off once to their “Mi” section, to design custom kicks. It was very pricey.

About once a month, i received their newsletter and about 6 months later, the little read:
“40% off Mi- Adidas” → what i really wanted

Design and experience

The interface was fun. It allowed you to rotate and zoom “your shoe” to your liking while allowing you to personalize almost every part of it! As a consumer, the best part was that each custom selected or designed part of the shoe did not have an additional fee (this may not be the case with all models, but it was with mine!)



It allowed me to test different combinations. It also allowed to save and share my ideas to show with others or keep once i made up my mind.



There were two downfalls to the ´Mi’s’. Once you ordered, there were no exchanges or returns (since it’s custom). The second was shipping, 5–6 weeks versus 1–2. So needless to say, you had to be sure of your final choice.
I ended up getting 2 different pairs.
The fact that I felt i could design my own shoe, with a brand I love was special. I knew my size from my previous purchase (i bought another pair since the cleats, pt.1) so i was covered in that department.


What they did is paramount in all business. We hate waiting. But if a company tells you that you will receive your order in 5–6 weeks and you accept, then you will temporarily forget and you will continue to live your life.



They did the right thing. I actually received the first pair in 3 weeks and the second days later. As a customer, i was thrilled. I have had the opposite happen and have never done business with those companies again. Why overpromise?

1-nuMqnY-9jQH4reJnTGsZNw (1).jpeg

Underpromise, Overdeliver

Thanks Adidas, i’ll be back

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